Sunday, December 16, 2012

Newtown CT shootings 12-14-2012

I'm very opinionated. I watch way too much news, primarily FOX news channel and some FOX business channel. Neil Cavuto and Stuart Varney being my favorite broadcasters. I also like Charles Payne (I hope that is how you spell his last name). What I haven't liked is the constant reporting on what all news managers think must be reported on relentlessly. If the same things are said at 9, 10, 11, 12, etc. you get what I am saying is over reported. News, real news isn't about the killings in society. Check the local news any evening or night, crime is almost always the leading stories and killings are almost always the story of crime that leads. Is that really news? News should be about the things that affect us as a population for more than a few nights. News is about how our governments, at all levels, taking away our rights as citizens.

An example: A man or woman is accused of a sexual crime against a minor. A horrible thing that should really have more severe punishment than most get. But even that previous sentence says guilty before the person has been convicted. My point! My point is also that person in some jurisdictions is now on a sex offenders list even if all charges prove to be false.
So much sensationalizing of the news. There is one channel here in SLC whose first 10 minutes covers more stories than any channel in history, they are like an old CNN HLN on steroids. The weather men and ladies shout at you like the commercials used to do as far as volume is concerned.
News now reflects the corporate values of the stations owners. Most news and this includes FNC & FBN focus on the corporate values not the journalism of my youth.
The people who right the news that the on air "journalists" read are truly some of the biggest intellectual midgets of our time. If you disagree that's fine, but watch the ticker at the bottom of news casts and you will understand more of my view. You will also understand if you have watched the coverage of the last few days. The on air personalities try so hard to show compassion for the victims but spend more time talking about the killer than any other topic. They soften their voices, they talk a little slower, they try to look a little different but it is mostly a show, a performance. However, this shooting of so many innocent children I believe did affect some broadcasters' emotions.

Cudos to Mike Huckabee of FNCs the Mike Huckabee show. The former governor of Arkansas said it more elegantly Saturday night than anyone has put it in years and years of print and broadcast news. A short paraphrase: The government, COURTS, forced GOD out of the public square and that is why we are at this place in time with so much senseless carnage to so many innocent people. Thou shalt not kill was taken out of the public schools and today more than ever we need that principle put back in the public school system.

One last thing about news people. Bob Gibson (channel 2 news (I think) in SLC in the 50's & 60's) once editorialized about sayings and phrases. He said it is "daylight saving time." There is no savings of light! All you mental midgets in high salary jobs.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Night 2012

As an independent conservative voter I am disappointed by the results of tonight's elections. I voted two plus weeks ago as I vote by mail. Gary Johnson didn't carry my state for president! Orin Hatch won re-election to the US Senate, for the seventh time! Jim Matheson and Mia Love are tied at 49% each and I loose out on having Jason Chaffetz as my congressman. Back in July I changed from Independent to Republican so I could vote against that RINO Hatch and now have to change it back to independent. Who would want to be a Republican in this state of blind idiots straight voting ticket.

Its two days since the election and the only change is the Dem Jim Matheson will be returned to the US Congress. One thing is clear to this non educated government dependent white guy: We all lost as citizens of the United States of America. Blacks won, Latinos won, Asians won, American Natives won, Muslims won, and any other kind of minority won if you listen to CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, MS NBC and any other broadcast news organization.

Two things are clear to me: (1) Two of the three branches of the Federal Government are broke (2) Your view of the future is the only thing that matters, be positive!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day June 17th

To all Fathers, have a very good Sunday. It's our day so lets enjoy it.

I don't consider it a holiday, just a greeting card day. I guess it was recognized by the US Congress in response to Mother's Day being recognized as an officially declared recognition day for Mothers. What ever the reason I think it is nice outside all of the commercialization of another summer day. A chance for furniture stores to have a "sale". The same for most retailers. As for my self it will be nice having most of the family together at Golden Corral to pig out. Not the best food but if you choose wisely you can eat quite healthy and indulge a little. Besides at that cost who can complain if the steak is a little tough just like at places like Apples, Tuesdays, chili's etc. Sure I would rather go to Texas Roadhouse or some local place with great steaks but since I am paying in a way I will be cheap.
Again Happy Father's day DADS!

Once again left out

On Thursday DoD stated that they plan the first ever salute to gay and lesbian troops marking June as Gay Pride month. Officials would not say exactly what the event would be but said that Secretary of Defense Panetta believes it is important to recognize the service of gays in the military.
For several years other federal departments and agencies have celebrated June as Gay Pride Month. DoD’s “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy was repealed last September. This will be the first time DoD marks the celebration.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This has been a good and not so good month. Mothers day was very good. Donna and I started out our Sunday morning as usual with me going to McDs for pancakes and whatever I decide when I get there. We sat lazily around after eating reading the paper and watching a little news on TV. I finally cut down the "grass" in the back yard. Since the patio is complete I will have to lay some sod this coming weekend.
Later that day we went to Sizzler with most of the family. The steak was good, the chicken flavorful and the salad bar a salad bar. The frozen desert was just that white and frozen. Though I had a brownie under mine that made the white stuff good. I don't know where bread pudding came from but boy is it horrible. The Mothers were given a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry.
Donna has been asking about getting a better camera. So after dinner I gave her a gift bag. The first thing she took out was a teal T-shirt. She pulled out some more tissue paper to find a reddish T-shirt. After a little more tissue paper she pulled out a box. My gift to her was really what was in the box. She opened the box to find a Nikon camera, which she said must have cost to much. Thanks online Post Exchange for saving me $130.00 on the exact camera I looked at on other stores sites. After that we headed home for a nice quiet evening.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Again, this state shouldn't re-elect a RINO

I am constantly hearing adds on the radio for the current senior senator from Utah, Orin Hatch. There are a bunch of older people talking about the necessity of reelecting Mr. Hatch. I think in this years election that the Senior Senator from Utah needs to hit the road and become a private citizen. We no longer need a senator who has voted for $7.5 trillion of the national debt. Let me ask you former Senator Bennett why $7.5 Trillion means you are conservative. Let me ask you former Utah governor Bangerter how 36 years in the US Senate isn't enough time to serve, two 4 year terms were enough for you, Norm. Let me ask you TV news anchor Terry Wood, if you haven't accomplished something meaningful in 36 years why should Senator Hatch receive another 6 years.
The problem with all the advertising is that the state republican nominating convention is this Saturday, April 21, 2012. My hope is that all this money Orin is spending on radio and TV air time will be for not and that the Tea Party was able to get enough delegates to nominate two real conservatives, not an ARINO (Aging Republican In Name Only). One note that I cannot leave out of this post. If my memory is correct there isn't a spokesperson in the political commercials under the age of 60. Old Senators don't die they just need to fade away. Please Utah let Orin Hatch fade away (bet if not reelected he doesn't move back to Utah).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warren Buffet and taxes

For the first time in several years my federal tax refund was not eaten by my state tax bill.
Personal info aside I think that Warren Buffet and the Buffett Rule should become law. That is not the normal thinking of a conservative registered independant voter. Maybe all the Rules and Laws passed by the House of Representatives while the Honorable Charles Rangel was chairman of the Ways and Means Committee should be looked at. All the loopholes that wealthy individuals and large corporations get should be reveiwed to see if they are actually fair, many of those were put into tax law just to reward certain individuals & corporations.
While the media talks about the home mortgage deduction as a sacred cow of some kind, today with interest rates being so low I have to wonder how many "middle class" people actually pay enough interest to itemize deductions. The smallest part of the more than 11,000 pages of tax law & code is for individuals and couples.
If you go to the link above you can read what wealthy individuals have said about Warren Buffets public comments concering taxes and the wealthy.

Peace Dividend XII

XII is just a number, no more no less. I have to wonder how many times the country has thought there would be a peace dividend after a war. How many times they cut the military in every possible way. Personnel, weapons, ships, aircraft, tanks, trucks, howitzers, APCs and future weapons development. But for the 4th time in my life it is about to happen again. The Army about to loose 50,000 men & women, the Marines 16,000 mean & women and cuts to the Navy & Air Force personnel accounts. There is a real chance for another round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). The thought of a congress that has so little military experience among its members trying to figure out what to cut and what to close and what to stop and what to proceed with is unfathomable to this lowly retired soldier.
The things that take place at the most upper levels of the Pentagon whose task it is to find a way to cut $500 billion from the defense budget over ten years is daunting. Things like "comprehensive strategic review", Quadrennial Defense Review, 5 year budget cycle, think tanks in and out of government put in their $.02 worth on every subject. Then decide what to keep and what to do away with. Cuts in personnel numbers is the quickest way the DoD can reduce spending, so as always that is what will happen first. Then comes the hardware

Retire Senator Orin Hatch

There is an add on my blog about the state of Utah's citizens not to re-elect their (their not meaning my senator in any way shape or form) Senior US Senator. I heard another former Utah official on a commercial paid for and approved by Senator Hatch saying that with the shape of the country & looking out for our state that we should re-elect him, thanks Gov Bangerter (Bang'er'ter not as one radio guy would say Ban'ger'ter). Don't know if I spelled the govs name correct. Why would this state want to give a guy who has served nearly 36 years another chance to be a "compromiser" and a returning Senator. ? A compromiser that usually voted so he could be reelected, raise more money for reelection, and not so he could serve his constituents. If Utahans are really interested in a chance to see real change we can believe in, they won't waste a vote at the state convention on this old geezer. My only hope is that he doesn't win enough votes at the republican convention to make it to the primary in September. Mike Lee turned out to be a very good representative of out state and values.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles by GM

"Army unveils world's first military fleet of fuel cell vehicles."

Now that is a headline that makes more sense than all military efforts at going green. But is a 200 mile range an effect form of vehicle power? It makes a great deal of sense for recruiters, administrative duties by civilians and non tactical vehicle replacement if all works out as we all hope. 5 minutes to refuel and does not produce polution at a power plant as does electric cars with very limited range.
(from ARNEWS)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social Security is Failing Faster Than We Thought

Just think, that $20.00 dollars a week you are getting because Congress & the President are playing politics with the SSI tax cut, you may get even smaller raises than you thought and have to wait until you are 80 to draw a dime from the Social Security Ponzie Scheme we have be lead to believe will always be there. WOW, what a long sentence.
Baby Boomers just as you settle into retirement it is going to happen, sorry no check this month while we wait to collect more taxes to send you your "earned" benefit. It is earned for about two or three years then you are taking some other poor smucks money. The math does not nor has it added up since the great LBJ fiasco that has led to this nightmare. Again I say thanks to the Demoncrats,

Vets Healthcare May Face Cuts

As with all things government today there is a great deal of uncertainty if you rely on the Feds for just about anything. I would agree that some things need to be cut. After the longest war period in US history, after all the talk about Veterans issues from out federal elected officials, after promises upon promises that the federal government will do what it takes to care for this generation of veterans, the government because of the "Budget Control Act of 2011" it could happen anyway. Yes it is likely that some form of Congressional action will take place to remedy the situation, the one thing you can take to the bank is that the feds may just screw it all up.
My closest friends are almost all former military members, most of us collect some sort of benefit from the federal government, and that is what contributes to our "quality of life". When we served there were many times that "quality of life" issues were a main focus of the budget process. These issues ranged from housing (now a very screwed up private/public partnership) to food costs and pay. Now once again veterans are looking at cuts to the US Department of Veterans Affairs budget. Yes we write to our Congressman and get polite replies then sit on the edge of our chairs waiting for some sort of good news out of Washington DC.
Good luck to us all!

Monday, January 9, 2012

George Stephannopolis from ABC & Bill & Hillary

From a debate this past weekend George asks Mitt Romney about states rights and banning the use of contraceptives by a state.
How stupid are you George? I have not heard a more ignorant, stupid, out of touch question in decades. And you man make more $ in a year than most of those below the poverty income level in a lifetime will. The point of the money? Someone with your education should ask questions that are not so stupid (unless the intent was to change the topic to make the president look better in the future). Don't ask me how I have no education.

Tim Tebow

I haven't been able to understand why he is criticized about kneeling down and thanking his God for whatever he says when on one knee.
Yesterday and Saturday I watched the NFL playoffs and guess what? Several players after scoring TD or making a great play, pounded their chest and then pointed to the sky.
I see know difference between the Tim Tebow and the others (mostly if not all African Americans).
Double standard? Political Correctness (thanks Bill & Hilliary). You make the call.

I know a man

This guy, a well to do professional with his own company has many contacts within business and religion in this community. The guy's father once managed the property of a corporation. During a remodel there was no announcement that certain items would be put up for sale. This guy of course knowing the items could be bought, did so. The only thing that troubles me is he did not let anyone outside his children that the items could be purchased, then later on he bragged about the purchase (his spouse is always very vocal about such things).

I know a man

I know of a guy who used to work construction. Office building remodels to please the renters/lease. He also did home remodel and various other things related to remodels. He was working at a site and in the basement of this semi-public building the crew found many artifacts dating back to the 1850s thru 1900 or so. The members of the crew removed items they thought would be of interest to families and friends. Was it the right thing to do? most likely not. But they did it anyway.