Thursday, October 15, 2009

$42.00 per month

Not much money. With that you get a doctor who comes to your work. Specialists who you can get same day appointments with. Massage Therapists on duty most of your work day in case a little tension builds up as you argue against common sense solutions to issues. A months worth of prescription medications at costs less than Wal Marts $4.00 for generics. And things that $42.00 a month shouldn't cover. Welcome to the United States Congress.
Then with Health Care "Reformation" they will exempt themselves from the legislation and the President will sign it as if he just does not know, who can read let alone understand a Senate bill that is over 1300 pages. 1300 pages that refer to things like USC 49 para 32 sub pare (3) of the 1949 Hardly a whisper will come from the media and we will all get what we deserve. A government that does not follow the majority of its constituents opinions. And it does not matter the political affiliation.