Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Again, this state shouldn't re-elect a RINO

I am constantly hearing adds on the radio for the current senior senator from Utah, Orin Hatch. There are a bunch of older people talking about the necessity of reelecting Mr. Hatch. I think in this years election that the Senior Senator from Utah needs to hit the road and become a private citizen. We no longer need a senator who has voted for $7.5 trillion of the national debt. Let me ask you former Senator Bennett why $7.5 Trillion means you are conservative. Let me ask you former Utah governor Bangerter how 36 years in the US Senate isn't enough time to serve, two 4 year terms were enough for you, Norm. Let me ask you TV news anchor Terry Wood, if you haven't accomplished something meaningful in 36 years why should Senator Hatch receive another 6 years.
The problem with all the advertising is that the state republican nominating convention is this Saturday, April 21, 2012. My hope is that all this money Orin is spending on radio and TV air time will be for not and that the Tea Party was able to get enough delegates to nominate two real conservatives, not an ARINO (Aging Republican In Name Only). One note that I cannot leave out of this post. If my memory is correct there isn't a spokesperson in the political commercials under the age of 60. Old Senators don't die they just need to fade away. Please Utah let Orin Hatch fade away (bet if not reelected he doesn't move back to Utah).

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