Monday, February 27, 2012

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles by GM

"Army unveils world's first military fleet of fuel cell vehicles."

Now that is a headline that makes more sense than all military efforts at going green. But is a 200 mile range an effect form of vehicle power? It makes a great deal of sense for recruiters, administrative duties by civilians and non tactical vehicle replacement if all works out as we all hope. 5 minutes to refuel and does not produce polution at a power plant as does electric cars with very limited range.
(from ARNEWS)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social Security is Failing Faster Than We Thought

Just think, that $20.00 dollars a week you are getting because Congress & the President are playing politics with the SSI tax cut, you may get even smaller raises than you thought and have to wait until you are 80 to draw a dime from the Social Security Ponzie Scheme we have be lead to believe will always be there. WOW, what a long sentence.
Baby Boomers just as you settle into retirement it is going to happen, sorry no check this month while we wait to collect more taxes to send you your "earned" benefit. It is earned for about two or three years then you are taking some other poor smucks money. The math does not nor has it added up since the great LBJ fiasco that has led to this nightmare. Again I say thanks to the Demoncrats,

Vets Healthcare May Face Cuts

As with all things government today there is a great deal of uncertainty if you rely on the Feds for just about anything. I would agree that some things need to be cut. After the longest war period in US history, after all the talk about Veterans issues from out federal elected officials, after promises upon promises that the federal government will do what it takes to care for this generation of veterans, the government because of the "Budget Control Act of 2011" it could happen anyway. Yes it is likely that some form of Congressional action will take place to remedy the situation, the one thing you can take to the bank is that the feds may just screw it all up.
My closest friends are almost all former military members, most of us collect some sort of benefit from the federal government, and that is what contributes to our "quality of life". When we served there were many times that "quality of life" issues were a main focus of the budget process. These issues ranged from housing (now a very screwed up private/public partnership) to food costs and pay. Now once again veterans are looking at cuts to the US Department of Veterans Affairs budget. Yes we write to our Congressman and get polite replies then sit on the edge of our chairs waiting for some sort of good news out of Washington DC.
Good luck to us all!