Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day June 17th

To all Fathers, have a very good Sunday. It's our day so lets enjoy it.

I don't consider it a holiday, just a greeting card day. I guess it was recognized by the US Congress in response to Mother's Day being recognized as an officially declared recognition day for Mothers. What ever the reason I think it is nice outside all of the commercialization of another summer day. A chance for furniture stores to have a "sale". The same for most retailers. As for my self it will be nice having most of the family together at Golden Corral to pig out. Not the best food but if you choose wisely you can eat quite healthy and indulge a little. Besides at that cost who can complain if the steak is a little tough just like at places like Apples, Tuesdays, chili's etc. Sure I would rather go to Texas Roadhouse or some local place with great steaks but since I am paying in a way I will be cheap.
Again Happy Father's day DADS!

Once again left out

On Thursday DoD stated that they plan the first ever salute to gay and lesbian troops marking June as Gay Pride month. Officials would not say exactly what the event would be but said that Secretary of Defense Panetta believes it is important to recognize the service of gays in the military.
For several years other federal departments and agencies have celebrated June as Gay Pride Month. DoD’s “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy was repealed last September. This will be the first time DoD marks the celebration.