Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This has been a good and not so good month. Mothers day was very good. Donna and I started out our Sunday morning as usual with me going to McDs for pancakes and whatever I decide when I get there. We sat lazily around after eating reading the paper and watching a little news on TV. I finally cut down the "grass" in the back yard. Since the patio is complete I will have to lay some sod this coming weekend.
Later that day we went to Sizzler with most of the family. The steak was good, the chicken flavorful and the salad bar a salad bar. The frozen desert was just that white and frozen. Though I had a brownie under mine that made the white stuff good. I don't know where bread pudding came from but boy is it horrible. The Mothers were given a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry.
Donna has been asking about getting a better camera. So after dinner I gave her a gift bag. The first thing she took out was a teal T-shirt. She pulled out some more tissue paper to find a reddish T-shirt. After a little more tissue paper she pulled out a box. My gift to her was really what was in the box. She opened the box to find a Nikon camera, which she said must have cost to much. Thanks online Post Exchange for saving me $130.00 on the exact camera I looked at on other stores sites. After that we headed home for a nice quiet evening.