Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You don't stumble

You just don't.

Enjoying it though at work

I went outside for a break from all this posting accounting stuff. The sky is very blue today with the very white clouds floating by. As the clouds reach the mountains they billow up more and more. Taking on more water as they move east. It is a fascinating thing.
Then there are the magpie birds, I think magpies that have to make a lot of noise and break the peace and quite of the garden. Peace and quiet other than the traffic on Foothill Dr/Blvd. which is just normal and doesn't disturb the tranquility.
This is a day that I wished I had ridden the motorcycle to work. This morning I was not in the mood to put on the chaps and a warmer jacket due to the temperature. But what a beautiful day. Finally a few days of great weather. Not the two good days followed by 3-4 rainy cloudy & cold days as has been the pattern.
Maybe it will be a camping weekend. Haven't looked at the trailer but Mom and Nichole took out one of our canopies and said everything inside looked OK. Only real problem is the truck is overheating a bit, so pulling the trailer may be a problem. After front shocks maybe it is time for a new thermostat or worse a new water pump.
No postings by any one other than Heather. Nice post about their trip to Disneyland, yes the California resort not Disney world.