Monday, January 9, 2012

George Stephannopolis from ABC & Bill & Hillary

From a debate this past weekend George asks Mitt Romney about states rights and banning the use of contraceptives by a state.
How stupid are you George? I have not heard a more ignorant, stupid, out of touch question in decades. And you man make more $ in a year than most of those below the poverty income level in a lifetime will. The point of the money? Someone with your education should ask questions that are not so stupid (unless the intent was to change the topic to make the president look better in the future). Don't ask me how I have no education.

Tim Tebow

I haven't been able to understand why he is criticized about kneeling down and thanking his God for whatever he says when on one knee.
Yesterday and Saturday I watched the NFL playoffs and guess what? Several players after scoring TD or making a great play, pounded their chest and then pointed to the sky.
I see know difference between the Tim Tebow and the others (mostly if not all African Americans).
Double standard? Political Correctness (thanks Bill & Hilliary). You make the call.

I know a man

This guy, a well to do professional with his own company has many contacts within business and religion in this community. The guy's father once managed the property of a corporation. During a remodel there was no announcement that certain items would be put up for sale. This guy of course knowing the items could be bought, did so. The only thing that troubles me is he did not let anyone outside his children that the items could be purchased, then later on he bragged about the purchase (his spouse is always very vocal about such things).

I know a man

I know of a guy who used to work construction. Office building remodels to please the renters/lease. He also did home remodel and various other things related to remodels. He was working at a site and in the basement of this semi-public building the crew found many artifacts dating back to the 1850s thru 1900 or so. The members of the crew removed items they thought would be of interest to families and friends. Was it the right thing to do? most likely not. But they did it anyway.