Monday, December 22, 2008


JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE AND RINGO (or maybe just Paul) cut a song about Christmas using the word CHRISTMAS, and I don't believe any of them are Christians.
Since the early 1990's the word Christmas has slowly been taken out of everything except our hearts and minds.
A member of the State of Utah senate wants to pass a non-binding resolution asking companies that do business in Utah to put the word Christmas back into advertising and such things. He was condemned in the Salt Lake Tribune editorial section for not being "inclusive."
Every Saturday and Sunday starting in mid August atheletes from the NFL are constantly acknowledging God when they score touchdowns or make great plays.
You can see the words Hanakah, Kwanza, Festivas and Happy Holidays in many places during the seasons, so whats so wrong about Christmas?
Why do we have "winter break" when generally winter has not even started when winter break begins?
No one since the death of Jesus of Nazareth and His resurection can prove that He and His Father exist. But no one has ever proved that they do NOT!
I think the celebration of the Saviors birth (notice how all the so called holiday celebrations are at the same time as Christmas) should be moved to April which is the time of year most bible scholars say He was born.
Hanakah may be the first and oldest of the celebrations, but at least Jewish people believe in God the Father.