Thursday, March 1, 2012

Retire Senator Orin Hatch

There is an add on my blog about the state of Utah's citizens not to re-elect their (their not meaning my senator in any way shape or form) Senior US Senator. I heard another former Utah official on a commercial paid for and approved by Senator Hatch saying that with the shape of the country & looking out for our state that we should re-elect him, thanks Gov Bangerter (Bang'er'ter not as one radio guy would say Ban'ger'ter). Don't know if I spelled the govs name correct. Why would this state want to give a guy who has served nearly 36 years another chance to be a "compromiser" and a returning Senator. ? A compromiser that usually voted so he could be reelected, raise more money for reelection, and not so he could serve his constituents. If Utahans are really interested in a chance to see real change we can believe in, they won't waste a vote at the state convention on this old geezer. My only hope is that he doesn't win enough votes at the republican convention to make it to the primary in September. Mike Lee turned out to be a very good representative of out state and values.

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