Monday, September 28, 2009

I UN-Quit

Last Thursday I gave my two week notice. Friday morning the primary employee travel person found out she was selected for a secretary position and pay increase. So this morning I went to my boss and asked if I could stay on, "unquit", and apply for her job. He, my boss, was thinking of asking me the same thing. More than likely I will not have to apply for the job, since we are both the same pay grade and 60% of my job is employee travel. So I will stay and continue to work and should be busy most of my work day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Quit

Mom and I have been married 38 years as of today. Thanks Love for all you have and continue to do.
After a few days of discussion with Mom and a few months of hating work, I gave my notice and quit today. October 9th will be my last day with the VA. Don't know what I will do though I have a couple of ideas.
I don't know how people can sit at a desk or job and do nothing for hours on end. It just wasn't my thing. My supervisor apologized and stated it had come up several times about finding more I could do. Just wasn't able to even when I asked. Some of it he blamed on AFGE and others on the job description. When the job was first conceived the transportation assistant (s) would create the travel plans for most employees. But when the director stated that all employees would complete their own travel plans via 60% of the reason I was hired almost disappeared. The other 40% of my job is not enough to keep me busy for 40 hours a week. Many a day I wanted to just walk out and never return. Guess I did it the correct way this time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Been a while since I posted

Utes: 2 & 0 though if you compared them to a V8 engine they would only be running on 6 cylinders. The home opener was great, I did not feel like going all day but once Matthew and I got to the stadium it was great. The concession food owned by the U is a bit less tasty than MacDonald's. How can you ruin a Brat. We will have to checkout some that are not on the concourse.
Go Colts!
Our current representatives in the US Congress are truly amazing me at how stupid they think the general electorate is. Bennett and Hatch voted to confirm Cass Sunstein? They both need to go. I am on the fence about Matheson.
Will the Yankees make it to the World Series? Only time will tell but with that payroll the should end the season with 150 W's and 12 L's and go through the playoffs 12 & 0.
Work is work and I dislike it more each day. Don't know how much dislike I can really have for such a thing. Been looking but must not have the best resume to make the Army, Air Force, DHS, and the Defense Logistics Agency happy.
Mom and I are going to Disneyland on October 15th. Thanks Jet Blue. We will make our hotel/motel reservations on Saturday. The best deals I have found is on Can't wait for the days to pass. Haven't been on a real vacation since Ride "n" the Rockies.