Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Socialist Drift

As I sit here dozing & nodding off I wonder what it would have been like if I would have stayed on unemployment insurance instead of going back to work? Seems the Donkeys in Washington DC think those unemployed should continue to get paid for being unemployed as if it were a job. So instead of go out and find "something" that pays you money, we will pay you to stay at home, NANNY STATE will take care of you. What can you do with $350.00 a week (local average)? Just think how much money the IRS will collect from the income taxes on that income. Wow! Balance the Federal Budget maybe.
The Food Stamp Nation! Approximately 15% of the population of the U.S. was on NANNY STATE we will pay for you to eat. Now that comes with some restrictions of course but at least it isn't taxed at the federal level.  I do have to thank the NANNY STATE for feeding my family during a time of under employment.
I recall Nanci Pelosi coming to a microphony with some others not serving and defending the Constitution of the United States of America with great big smiles on their faces when the Donkeys were in charge of congress. Nothing but smiles. I have begun to think that part of freshman orientation for serving in congress must be acting lessons on smiling and frowning. Back to nothing but smiles. She would almost take it down the throat to get close to a microphony in order to smile because something had passed congress and moved us closer to NANNY STATE. Now that the Donkeys are not in charge we don't see much of Nanci smiling & sometimes almost laughing (at us) with her comrades. Mostly frowns now because she isn't getting her way.
Now to be a little fair. We rarely see Speaker of the Farce ranting and raging because "the hell you have" Boehner has less to rant about. What good are RINOs anyway, John Wayne used to go hunt them in Africa in the movies and didn't wipe them all off the planet. To bad.
On more cheerful news gold is over $1700 a troy ounce and silver is somewhere over $40 an ounce. Is silver measured in Troy? I wonder why the Greeks moved?

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