Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another 5 Soldiers Killed

WHAT: Five Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum NY killed by an IED.
WHY; Because the US is still in Afghanistan fighting for a nation that does not want us there.
WHERE: Kandahar province while on a breakfast run.
WHEN: Thursday, 18 August 2011

While headed to breakfast an IED ripped through the hull of a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle (MRAP). The type of explosion was so powerful that it pushed the engine into the crew compartment. Thus the thought that the explosive was of military grade. The five were led by their Squad Leader who perished in the attack. The other four Soldiers & Squad Leader were all in their 20's. What a waste of great Americans doing what the enlisted to do: Follow the Orders of their Superiors. Just have to wonder what "superior" means. Certainly there are many Soldiers that do not believe in the war, but because they are good Soldiers they do as told. If the President had kept his campaign promises about ending the Afghan war there is a chance that this news would not have been delivered to the families of those lost.
As the Army developed better vehicles to withstand the blasts of IED's they should have known that the enemy would also improve the bomb making material used against the US Military in both theaters. This war should not go on as long as the current withdrawal plans indicate. It should end now and bring our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors & Airmen home sooner rather than later.
Screw you GW & Donald Rumsfeld.

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