Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who is in CHARGE!

I don't watch the republican debates that have been on TV. I heard today that there have been 12!!!!!!!! Why? The media picks the winners and the non winners. Ron Paul went 40 minutes without being asked a question in the debate from Tuesday evening. Besides the stupid questioning, there is the constant interuptions by the candidates. Is there no civility among men? It is just not right (and I don't mean right as in wing of the RINO party). The responses are also canned as much as the questions. I am surprised that a station that has hosted a debate hasn't piped in laughter for one of the favs when they crack a joke, joke isn't it. So my point about who is in charge is referring to those who organize each and every debate. What I and I think many others would like to see is a response from each candidate for each question asked. I would really enjoy a response from Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, both libitarians. It would be good to hear that guy from PA or MN that is still in the running but not a good percentage in the polls. Maybe he is really running for VP at this point, but he has an OPINION & a PLAN.
Do I care if Perry had a GPA at Texas A&M of 2.5. Hell no. Because the later in the 20th century the easier it became to get a degree. U of Al was infamous in the 1970's for giving everyone who paid money a degree. U of NM is the same now with the lottery scholarships that are given to almost everyone who applies. A college degree is only a piece of paper proving nothing other than perseverience.  So for the one in a million chance anyone in a position to make  changes to this process, PLEASE HIRE SOMEONE WITH INTELLIGENCE to moderate these debates (and maybe I will watch a complete hour or two).

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