Thursday, October 20, 2011

Men & Women Restrooms

No link to this one. A speaker at the University of Utah's Pride day made some references to Transgender people feeling left out because there are no restrooms at the U for his type of people. Just so you know I can type cast this person because the stupid federal government allows separating genders and races on almost all surveys, questionnaires and forms that are in use today. This he/she or maybe a she/he wanted the world to recognize that Transgender people (not really)  need the same treatment as the other sexes. Bathrooms with a sign recognizing that they are different. So what will the sign look like? When there are restrooms set aside for families you see the stick figure of a guy, gal & a baby and in a sign stating there is a changing table. Women stick figures have a dress on them. Male restrooms have pants on the stick figure. So will the Transgender restroom sign (at the present it will take about 5 years for this to happen) be a two stick figures back to back with one in pants and the other in a dress? Or will it be just one with a dong on one side and nothing but exclamation marks at the waist of the other? Don't know and don't care (I do care about the length the government has gone to make gays and lesbians feel good about themselves & this too will happen for the Bi's and Tran's).
One other issue the person stated was a problem, the issue of separate dorm rooms for guys and gals. Where do the TGs fit in. No where if you ask me. You were born the way you are because your father supplied a gene that made you a girl or boy. That gene probably over rides whatever you say made you the opposite.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the sign would either be the current women restroom sign (dress) with the face having a big beard or better yet the sign could just be a big "?" mark.