Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mom's passing & Paul's visit.

I really don't use this blog enough. We buried my Mom yesterday, May 22 she passed away on May 18th, 2010. I wasn't really sad nor did I cry much until this morning when I said goodbye to Paul at the SLC airport. Goodbyes or see ya soon or take care is just so hard these days. It is quiet right now, first in many days. Peaceful even. I have cried more this morning than I have since the 18th, guess with everyone leaving and going back to Virginia, St George, Des Moines and other places this just makes me sad. For some reason many of my siblings chose to live and work elsewhere. I too traveled the country with family and work, and though I bitch a great deal about the weather here in the SL Valley I guess this is home. Though I think after I start drawing Social Security in 3 years Mom and I may travel more. It is so hard to put all of the feelings I have into words. Maybe I will write more later but as for now it has been a hell of a week.

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