Friday, March 26, 2010

My Flag, My Country's Flag

I am in the process of reading a two inch thick book called, A Patriots History of the United States, 1492 to 2000 plus the war on terror and a couple of other topics. One of the authors was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh for a March 2006 Limbaugh letter. Now don't go crazy or think that this is about Rush Limbaugh, it is not. The author stated that he believed that George Washington was put on earth by God at the time that this country was being founded. The reason, George Washington was the only man that had the credentials, the history to insure an infant representative form of democracy would survive it's beginning.
Most of my six children sang the song that is the title of this blog. As I reflect back at those times I find myself proud of each of them and hope their children know the song. Today as Mom and I were driving home from a not so good movie I noticed flags being furled by the wind, a couple being blown so hard that they appeared to be standing up. We as Americans born in the 20th century have a huge advantage over every generation that preceded us. There are great challenges that face us. For the first time in history my grandchildren face a less affluent life than my children.
The problem? Government. Not just the federal government, though they are the biggest problem, but every layer of government down to a town the size of 100 people. I would say that a small town like the one my mother was born in is probably more efficient than any other size of government. You can go to Huntington Utah or Adel Iowa and probably not see a government owned and run physical fitness swimming aquatic spa tennis court racquetball court basketball floor and sand pit volleyball area. Is this really a responsibility of government. It takes tax dollars that most levels of government do not have. Public education has never been free, though in my day it was called "free" education. Property taxes is the primary source of public education's revenue. So what am I rambling about? The United States is nearly 14 trillion dollars in debt. $14,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt. In the next 10 years that will increase by another $10 billion (Congressional Budget Office estimate released today). That is a debt now of roughly $72,000.00 per household. By 2020 it will increase to $106,000.00 per household. Do you have a spare $72,000.00 lying around? Where does that money come from? Currently it is borrowed from other countries and to an extent Bonds that are sold by the US Treasury.
SO AS I LOOKED AT MY FLAG, MY COUNTRY'S FLAG I SEE A DIFFERENT FLAG THAN ANY GOVERNMENT ENTITY SEES. A different flag than the President sees or a Congressman and Senator sees and it doesn't matter what political party they claim loyalty to. For none of them are loyal to you or me. Each of them are loyal to the once almighty US dollar and anyone who will give them large amounts of it. Each of them is loyal to each other so they can perpetuate there own self interest, not yours or my interests.
Post log: The US House of non Representatvies is now controled by the Republican party. Thanks to the movement called the Tea Party. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

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