Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mom & the net

Mom has had problems using the desktop computer, it makes her back and shoulder hurt a great deal. Today we went to Best Buy and bought a laptop so she could use it while sitting down or while waiting for me to come to bed. We are using a wireless connection through Verizon and it is cool that we can do such a thing. Now maybe I will figure out how to add music and photos to this so it is not so generic. The best thing is the wireless thingamabob was free. For now we will keep the desktop and with Brad's help it will run faster, maybe not as fast as this computer but I'm sure faster than the snails pace it now has.
The best thing about the desktop and the worst thing about this laptop is the screen. I don't have to scroll up and down as much on the desktop and I don't need glasses to see some things on the desktop.

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