Monday, March 16, 2009

One of Five Senses

I rode the motorcycle to work this morning and with the temperature near 50 it was truly delightful. As I was headed north on State Street a very familiar aroma hit my sense of smell. The smell of bacon in the air brings back more memories than almost any other of my senses. Back in May and June of 1971 while at Fort Lewis, WA., every morning started with a run of 2 to 3 miles. As the company passed mess halls the smell of bacon and a bit less so of maple syrup and pancakes was in the air. Bacon and eggs was a 4 day a week offering. Sausage and ham probably on the other 3 days. But sausage and ham never smell as good as bacon. I love that smell especially when the air is crisp and cool. Since that time in my life each time I smell bacon in the air on a crisp morning it takes me back to that time. I do not think it was an aroma I loved prior to then, but as I pass a Denny's, IHOP or local place and the smell of bacon is in the air I go back in time for a few minutes.
Another probably more of an odor is the smell of Army canvas. Occasionally I go out to the healing garden just outside my office and sit and each lunch in the sun. It has not mattered what the temperature is I just like and need the sun. In the southeast end of the garden is a SWEAT LODGE (google it). The lodge is made of a tree branch frame with plastic sheeting over it to help hold in the heat. On top of the sheeting is Army canvases from deuce and a half or 5 ton cargo trucks. At some time early in my Army career I learned to love that smell. It is one I will miss for a very long time once I no longer have the chances to smell that distinct odor.

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