Thursday, May 8, 2014

The TV Media

     I have commented a couple of times about things local TV news anchors & others state during a broadcast. Here are a few I saw and/or heard the last week or so:
1) Dave Headrick I think is his name KSL/NBC; stay tuned for NBC news with Brian William (it's Williams)
2) Jesse Waters on FOX news; the VA uses an antiquated paper records system. Totally false. The VA is the largest user of electronic record keeping in the U.S.. The software is over 20 years old though
3) After the SCOTUS said a city council in Greece did not violate the separation of church & state by opening meetings with a  prayer by clergy, KUTV/CBS anchor stated that council members could now pray if they wanted to.
4) CBS, FOX & NBC have  all referred to Secretary Eric Shinseki as General Shinseki. Yes he retired from the Army while serving as the CSA. I always thought that a cabinet secretary was considered a higher honor than a flag officer.
     There were many more, but with my memory these are the ones I posted today.

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