Monday, March 24, 2014

The News

Have you ever sat watching the 4, 5, 6, 7 or later evening news and just shake your head saying to yourself "did you really just say that?"
I was watching a local weather broadcast and the guy states "and this storm just swooned by the lake and picked up strength". Swooned by, are you serious I said to myself.
 Then there is the editor of the scrolling stories at the bottom of the screen during newscasts. I am guessing that the position is an editor, I don't really know what the title is and it doesn't matter as a viewer. In the 3rd or 4th grade I learned that their, there and they're having different meanings. Apparently the first two words have the same meaning in local TV news.
Personally I find it humorous, but there is a serious side to the little mistakes made on local TV live broadcasts. Where did the person receive their education? How could you graduate from  a college or university if one of the most basic educational functions is grammar and word usage were not taught or you did not learn?
Look at the semiannual change in time for most of the US and some 70 or so other countries in the world, Daylight Saving Time. Not Daylight Savings Time. There is no savings incurred with time and daylight. I learned this long ago when a TV news anchor, Bob Gibson of KTVX, did an on air editorial about the use of the words Daylight Saving Time and Daylight Savings Time (the latter is not correct). Every March as the change is about to happen more broadcasters use the wrong term, and it does not matter if it is local or a national broadcast/cable/satellite channel.

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