Wednesday, September 7, 2011


WHAT: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
WHY: because it is somewhere to go
WHERE: Sturgis, South Dakota, USA
WHEN: Aug 6 to Aug 12, 2012
Yes 459,568 is a lot of people. That number is based on 2010 atendance. 2011 figures are not available. If you look at the past few years, attendance is dropping from a high in 2003 of 605,140 people (Harley Davidson"s 100th anniversary) and the second biggest year of  604,441 in 2000. Is this because of the aging "baby boomers" not wanting to travel to hot Sturgis in August? Or perhaps it is the rally itself has peaked and the style of the rally and sponsors have changed? I really don't have an answer, though the image of an unshaven long haired biker and an MC going together may have changed the once largest rally in the US if not the world.
I must say it would be nice to attend once in a lifetime, sort of a bucket list event. There are other rallies around the US. Bike Week in Daytona Florida, there is Laconia, Los Angeles (or California), Laughlin, NV & numerous state rally's sponsored by HDs H.O.G. and others. Anyway it is a great place to get out on the road and see some of this country's most beautiful scenery. Stay off of I-90 unless it is the only option, if you don't you will miss a lot of what Sturgis and the surrounding area have to offer.

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