Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow, it has been how long?

I talked with Paul and he thought that blog spot was the way to go instead of Face Book. I think he may be correct since anyone you have as a friend can see what you post. Then there are the relatives, some of which you may not want as one of your 150 friends and relatives.
The Utes won as did that team from 30 miles south of here, it was a good season for the two best teams in the MWC (TCU hasn't shown enough yet for me to say they are in the best category).
Mckenzie came into this world yesterday and was home today by 130 pm. She is not eating enough and hopefully Heather's milk will come in quickly.
Matthew and Kat are expecting number 2 in late July or early August I think.
Grandma Beth is OK but changes happen like wow she can't feed herself, is moved to a different dining room and behold she feeds herself. Gregg thinks it is because she was the only person at the table in the other dining room, makes sense since Joann and Sophia were no longer there.
It has been seven weeks since I quit the VA, do miss the money but not the job. Still have the heart issue but much less than say 4 weeks ago.
If this computer had more usable RAM I would post some pictures or video like Kim, Nichole, and Kris do. I am just technically challenged on that thing.
I am approaching the two year anniversary of retiring from the Army, Jan 31, 2008 last day in uniform or Feb 1. 2008 is the day I was put on the retired rolls of the Army. It has been rough and seeing certain things while at appointments at the VA has caused problems. A neighbor who I knew from Evanston IL, left today for Las Vegas. SFC Chris Miranda and her husband/boy friend left. Chris got tired of the bull shit that goes on in any corporation, not just the Army though there may be some "special" things limited to the Armed Forces of the US. Seeing the moving packers and the moving van brought back some great memories and some not so great experiences along the roadways of America that now are funny. Just to many emotions.

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